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what the hell is a tagline

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"And this girl also seemed very interested in me, so I thought, ‘my god! It looks to me as if something might happen here…’"

No but really, Tom has the best stories ever [x]

It’s so tragic that Tom Baker isn’t 41 and the Doctor now… Imagine his behavior coupled with the media of today. That shit would be so entertaining.

”In entertainment news: Current Doctor Who incarnation Tom Baker arrived back in London this Friday so pissed he couldn’t locate his own flat (true story). An arrest was made but waved of as soon as authorities realized they had been escorting the Doctor to their car (true story). On Monday morning Tom Baker arrived on the set of Doctor Who completely sober and professional after having had sex with two different women on Saturday, one of which was caught by the paparazzi wearing his famous costume, and a twelve hour stint at the Colony Room where Francis Bacon had sex with a sailor and Jeffrey Bernard broke his arm while performing an ungodly act which we have opted not to disclose out of respect for our readers’ mental well-being. Tom Baker’s agent has remained silent on the matter while some BBC colleagues have voiced their worries concerning the actor’s lifestyle.”

Whovians everywhere: ‘Aaaand? At least he didn’t try to kill anyone with garden tools.’

If you don’t think every era of the classic show would have been a paparazzi feeding frenzy you haven’t paid enough attention to the cast

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girlfriends father:
so what are you doing at college?
i am majoring in youre daughters ass
girlfriends father:
haha sweet